. (phreektone) wrote in sofla_musicians,

Flint Blade In Concert! OMG

I'm playing this monday (and the next two mondays) at the Kava Bar in Boca Raton.

I'll be playing mostly original music -- very jazzy, very ethereal, sometimes meditative, other times rather engaging.
Officially I'll be playing solo. Last time I jammed with two drummers and we came up with some tribal sounds. There will probably be some collaboration tonight, but no promises.
You can check out some mp3s and videos of my solo work at my website -- FlintBlade.com/media

The Kava Bar is right by FAU, the address is
140 Northwest 20th Street
Boca Raton

Click Here for a map!

The kava bar is very laid back if you haven't been there.
Come out, drink kava, enjoy my music-- or else.
I am playing from 7:30 till close.

La di da.
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